Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey Boys and Girls, I would like to share my opinion on a certain class of people. People that have it made and can just sit back and relax for the rest of their life. Yes... I’m talking about Movie stars and Music Stars that have suicidal thoughts.

How fucking ridiculous is this shit. My dad is over here working his ass off day in and day out, and he doesn’t have Sui fucking Cidal thoughts.
There are people in poverty in third world countries that would do anything for a grain of rice trying to survive.

Then there are these Actors who have Millions of Dollars, a wife, nice cars and beautiful lives. For example this recent ass ear whom fucking O.DEED on some Pills and coke, Heath Ledger. His life wasn't horrible, shit he had a hot wife and he just got done with the New Batman movie coming out this summer.

About 2 weeks ago I walk in my house and I hear, and I quote inside edition reporter, “Recent reports say that Heath Ledger, Actor in movies such as Brokeback Mountain, The Patriot, and Lords of Dogtown was found in his Hotel room dead. Autopsy results show that He overdosed on pills”.

That’s when I just stared at the Television screen in AMAZEMENT. I mean let me have the life that guy had, I wouldn’t die doing stupid shit like that. I mean look at this asshole, was there really a reason for him to do that to himself.

heath ledger

From what I see, there wasn’t what was so fucking bad about his life? He couldn’t handle the Money? Or was it the fame? I just can’t see being so unstable and careless with your life especially if you have absolutely everything you want and possibly need.

The same goes to Kurt Cobain, but he was always higher then a kite. Look at this guy…

Kurt Cobain

That’s one Crazy Mother F**ker, He Shot he Head off with a mutha fuckin Shotgun…..

That’s NUTS!

My point being is that there is no point.
It just pisses me the fuck off that THESE RICH ASSHOLES HAVE SUCH TOUGH LIVES.
Fucking Cry babies


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why are white Quarterback's better than any other race Quarterback's?

  • White Quarterbacks actually throw the football not run it. For example Tom Brady drops back and passes and Michael Vick just halls ass until someone catches up with him. Because he learned his lesson breaking his leg in pre-season in 2003 when he was on the madden cover, I'll make a post about that madden cover curse later. Anyway I like Mike Vick and all, but he has an arm that he can throw with and a running back that can run the ball. That's what a running back is for right?
  • All white people can throw, the fat, the skinny, even the unathletic kids. Us white people are born with the throwing ability. Shit even I can throw. Okay maybe not allof us fellow whites but most.
  • This is also another bullshit post.

There is many great black quarterbacks in NFL.

  1. Donovan McNabb
  2. Mike Vick
  3. Vince Young
  4. that's all...

I don't think there's Mexican, shit not any Hispanic quarterbacks. I guess all of them are illegal immigrants that don't have there greencards yet. Holy shit the next revolution. Mexico takes over the NFL.

Halloween is retarded. Seriously what in the jizzing cum bucket of shit is the point of giving kids candy. Are there fuckin parents too damn cheap to get there kid candy. I'm not gonna give no little assholes that cause trouble year around and then they expect to get some candy from the people they torture. Even though I'm one of those assholes I retired halloween. Now I'm just going to go around and scare the living brown shit out of the kids that wanna talk $h!t and wont get out of the road while I'm going down the street. I regret trick or treating now because I rotted my teeth; good thing I grew new teeth. Another reason I reget it is because all the child molesting rapist running around that put razors and rat poision in the candy. Another thing that pisses me off is all the religious kids that say they are christain and its against there religion to trick-O-treat. If the kid gets poisioned I'll be the first guy on the block to get charged for attempted murder because of typing this funny ass post. SO YES I'M OFFICALY AGAINST TRICK-O-TREATING! BUT I CAN'T WAIT TILL TUESDAY BECAUSE THIS POST WAS JUST A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT I JUST MADE UP!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Does The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Philadelphia Eagles? That was the biggest pile of bull shit I've ever seen. Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback in the league coming into this game to stomp Tampa's Ass. Before The Tampa Game Donovan McNabb only had thrown 9 touchdowns & 1 interception after the first 6 games of the season. Tampa who came off a lucky win last week against the Cincinnati Bangles. Somehow Ronde Barber picked off (intercepted for all you football illiterate people) 2 of McNabb's throws. In the last quarter Eagles came back with a few TD's and had the lead. Tampa Bay was lucky I cant even explain how lucky. A 62 Yard field goal thats a long fuckin kick. I just don't get how they lose to pieces of shit teams, but beat teams that are a hell of a lot better than them W.T.F!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Reason!

The reason I named this blogspot and I quote myself "ANOTHER HOT BLOG" because I already had made one and haven't went on it to update it in months. Now my master plan is to create a blog that was as great as the other. Even though I only posted about 5 (those of you who cant read numbers and want everythig to be correct)......(Five) or 6 (six) masterpieces. When I looked back on those old shitty post today and realized that they were THE SHIT. I didn't know I could look at something I wrote 4 months ago and died laughing at the bullshit when I didn't even think it was funny the time I wrote them. Therefore I basically retired posting on that blog but still want to share the great works of fuckin art on that blog. What the hell is the point of deleting them?http://websiteforathleticlydisabled.blogspot.com/